Computer Upgrades

As computers become obsolete, consumers must choose between upgrading their existing hardware and purchasing a new computer all-together. Here are a few of the factors which you must consider while making this decision.

The hidden costs of new computers

When you purchase a new computer, you will spend a great
deal of time configuring your software and transferring your data between the two computers. Some consumers choose to avoid the data-transfer process and opt to loose all of their data, while others may be comfortable enough to perform these tasks themselves.

Unfortunatly, if you're the average computer user and are uncomfortable with these procedures, you may have to pay to have your new computer set-up and to have your data transfered. Most business and residential consumers simply cannot afford to lose any data. This is why data-transfer, data recovery, and data back-up services are some of our most requested services.

Cost vs. Benefit

To assist you in making the most economical decision, your computer should be examined by a professional to evauluate your hardware. Once they have determined your computers platform, they will know if your key components (like processors and memory) are upgradeable and whether you would significantly improve your computers performance if you upgraded. For a fraction of the cost of a new computer, you may be able to get more speed, processing power, and longevity out of your older system.

With a new computer, you are often forced to purchase software and hardware which you may already have or may not really need. Upgrading gives you the benefits of improved performance and reliability without spending more than have to.

How can we help?

If you are interested in upgrading your computer, seeking professional advice is your first step! The Mobile Computer Guys will gladly consult with you for free about the upgrade options of your computer. Contact us today at 513.573.0005 to learn more!