Computer Repair

At Mobile Computer Guys, quality comes first! We're constantly refining our services to increase their value. Below, you will find information about a few of our most common repair services. Competitively priced, you will find that we are committed to providing you with high-quality, value-packed services that are beyond those of our competitors offerings.

Diagnostic Service
This is where it all begins! All computer problems, just like their users, are not the same. We begin all of our services with a diagnostic approach in order to pin-point the cause of your problem. Only then can we confidently provide you with solutions to resolve your issue. At this point, our technician will discuss your options so that you can make an informed decision on how to spend your money.

Cost: $45 on-site or *$30 in-shop
*In-shop Diagnostic Fee waived if further services performed exceed $90

PC Tune Up (in shop only)
Our PC Tune Up is designed to be a low-cost PC check-up service bundled with a full computer diagnostic and upgrade analysis. When we receive your computer, we’ll examine it's condition and tweak it's overall performance. Here are just a few points included in our PC Tune-Up inspection:

  • Verify that your Hardware is functioning properly
  • Update key operating programs and features
  • Provide upgrade options and recommendations
  • Optimize your computer to boot faster and run smoother
  • Check for up-to-date virus and security programs

Cost: $29.95 in-shop service only

Virus and Spyware Maintenance Special
Slow Computer? Error Messages? Strange Pop-Ups? Nothing hinders a computers performance more then corrupt or infected files. Let us take the hassle away and we'll releave your computer of its ailments. Our full Virus & Spyware Maintenance Special includes:

  • Full Virus scan & elimination
  • Complete spyware & adwarwe removal
  • Update protection software
  • General system check-up & Windows updates

Cost: $124.95 in-shop or *per hour on-site
*Call 513.573.0005 for current hourly rates

Operating System Reloads
Sometimes your situation calls for a complete reload of the operating system (O/S). The operating system is your main software platform that runs your PC. For most people, the operating system is Microsoft Windows. If this service is what you need, rest assured that your in good hands because we perform a very complete reload compared to many of our competitors. Some aspects of this service include:

  • Complete wipe and re-format of hard drive
  • General hardware check-up & O/S updates
  • Load & update protection software
  • Data transfer services if neccessary

Cost: $179 in-shop, $229 in-shop w/data transfer, or *per hour on-site
*Call 513.573.0005 for current hourly rates

Hourly Rate Services
Mobile Computer Guys offer many services like the ones listed above that can be performed in our Sales & Service Center at set rates, however, there are times where hourly rates apply. What you should know about our hourly rates is that they are competitive and that our technicians never walk into a job and set a timer for how long the service lasts. We always provide you with options and estimations of the time and costs for solving your computer problems. The best thing you can do is to have one of our experienced technicians get there eyes on our computer so we can fully assess your specific needs!

Cost: *household on-site, business on-site, and in-shop hourly rates
*Call 513.573.0005 for current hourly rates