Computer Networking

We live in an ever connected society. Today's world is linked by the internet. Our phones, our cars, our computers are all talking to us and helping us communicate with others in an increasingly mobile world.

For businesses, networking their computers to each other and to the internet is a must in order to be efficient and to stay competitive. As for home users, networking our home PCs allows us to share printers, pictures, and music through one home internet connection. It allows us to work from home or to play video games with people from around the globe.

The Pitfalls of a Networked Society

Unfortunately, an ever increasing need to stay linked together causes an ever increasing need to keep computers, and the networks they are on, safe and secure. Many threats lie waiting for victims on the internet. This is why you must have adequate, up-to-date protection against threats like viruses, spyware, adware, malware, and hackers.

Beyond employing proper security measures, businesses and home users are faced with the often confusing tasks of setting up their home or office networks. Many people find that this is the moment to call in a network technician and, although not all networking set-ups are extremely complicated or time consuming to install, we do advise for your own security and peace of mind that you get a technician involved.

We Can Help!

Networking Services
We want to hear from you! Although our networking services our generally performed at, or based on, hourly service rates, we prefer to tailor your price on a per project basis if possible. Tell us what you need or what you want to get networked and we can surely come up with a plan. Our technicians are knowledgeable about the latest networking equipment and security programs that you'll need.

  • Get a properly installed & secured network
  • Per project pricing where aplicable
  • We run cables (Data, Phone and Coax)
  • Go wireless with security
  • Network support for your home or office

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